A Low Cost Si-Based Fully Integrated FMCW Radar for Car Radar

Electronics & Photonics, Information & Communication

Project Description

Plea The Project aim to implement a fully integrated 240GHz radar for automotive applications. This radar revolutionizes the car radar both for conventional and driverless cars. By using a Si-based process, we make sure that the overall cost of the system is very low, making it an ideal candidate for mass production. The project assembles a research team from KACST and University of Michigan with a strong prior record in mm-wave and terahertz electronics to share the knowledges and transfer the technology to meet the 2030 vision of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The work in this project is divided into phases as follows:

  • System Analysis and Requirements, we will study the system requirements based on the needs of car industry and finalize the specifications of the system. Also we will perform system simulations with all major non-idealities. This will give us a clear vision about the complete radar system.
  • High Power Generation in Silicon, by optimizing the power from each device by merging the device physics with circuit topology.
  • High Power, Broadband VCO design, by maximizing the generated power and tuning range of the source while minimizing its phase noise.
  • Linear Ramp Generation, by designing a novel method to generate a linear ramp.
  • System Integration and Implementation, by designing the optimum system, fabrication and testing the radar. The integration for all the circuit blocks on a silicon substrate and realize the radar system, the fabrication of proposed system will be done through STMicroelectronic.
  • se use the same project description that you have sent for the annual report

Team Members