Tunable Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Electronics & Photonics

Project Description

Wireless power transfer systems will allow continuous wireless operability, making wireless sensors and devices truly wireless. This technology will eliminate the need for failure-prone metallic contacts, allow increased mobility, and provide immeasurable convenience much like WIFI has offered in recent years. The development of energy efficient/low power sensors and electronic devices will further promote/complement wireless power transfer technology by reducing its barriers to entry: allowing reduced charging times and lowering the energizing field levels.

The tasks in this project will focus on developing high technology electronic circuits for controlling the electromagnetic through three different tracks as follows :

  • Wireless Power in the Reactive Near Field. This research thrust will develop tuneable WPT systems based on resonant magnetic induction, commonly referred to as magnetic resonance power transfer.
  • Wireless Power in the Radiative Near Field. This research thrust will explore WPT in the radiative near field using beams which resist diffractive spreading.
  • Wireless Power in the Far Field. This final thrust will explore WPT in the far field using time reversal techniques.

The goal of this project is to advance the emerging field of wireless power transfer/transmission through the development of controlling electromagnetic wave technologies. Therefore, this project will pave the way toward the localization and technology transfer of wireless power transfer technologies in Saudi Arabia , which will contribute to achieve vision 2030.

Team Members